How to get rid of erectile problems?

How to get rid of erectile problems?

The problem of erection during intercourse is a problem that affects both young and old men. There are many reasons for this. They can be caused by biological and psychological reasons, as well as by an inappropriate lifestyle. We reassure ourselves that we are able to eliminate many of these causes without having to undergo medical treatment. First of all, we need to establish the cause of erection problems during intercourse.

From a medical point of view, erectile dysfunction is spoken of when:

  • there is a full erection, but there is a problem with maintaining an erection during an intercourse,
  • there is incomplete erection, insufficient to have sexual intercourse,
  • there is a complete loss of erection.

Causes of erection problems

Psychological – we have to realise that the cause lies in ourselves, because it is linked to fear and anxiety of compromise. What is more, erectile dysfunction is often caused by a lack of experience in meeting both our own expectations and those of our partner. Moreover, try to work on your own self-esteem as well, because feeling of low value does not work to your advantage. The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction may also result from fatigue or prolonged stress. You have to separate your professional and private life and concentrate on yourself. Make sure you get enough sleep and have the necessary rest. These are aspects that you can eliminate by changing your attitude, working on yourself without having to go to a specialist.

Causes of erection problems

Medical – in this case, it is precisely the consultation with a specialist that can give us an idea of the real reason for any disorder. The most frequently mentioned causes of erectile dysfunction include abnormalities in the structure of the penile (e.g. problems with foreskin or curvature of the penis), vascular diseases, injuries, problems with the cardiovascular system, high levels of glucose in the blood or insufficient production of sex hormones. Many times problems with erection may have a hormonal basis, as testosterone levels fall with age, which significantly affects lower blood supply to the penis.

Poor lifestyles – undoubtedly have an impact on erectile dysfunction, which covers the largest group of cases. These include abuse of stimulants, such as cigarettes, alcohol, stress, insufficient physical activity, an inappropriate diet rich in fats and sugars and poor in vitamins and minerals. What is more, taking steroids to build muscle tissue has an adverse effect on erection in men.

What to do if a problem arises during an intercourse

Firstly, do not panic. Stress has a negative impact on your psyche. You need to calm down and relax, because stress does not help. Small problems with erection during intercourse have little to do with impotence and there is no need to be overly nervous. What can you do in this situation?

  1. Try to change your position and start stimulation again. Do it slowly, without rushing. Your partner’s behaviour can also help in this situation. For example, she may take the initiative and start stimulating the partner by touching or rubbing against the partner. This leads to the generation of heat, which in turn has a positive effect on the partner’s member, causing more blood to flow into the partner, which leads to him/her being stiffened and erect again. It is the change of stimulation and the heat that should help in this situation. It is also worth extending the introductory game with your partner by concentrating on caresses and sensations, rather than going straight to the sexual act itself. Haste is not your ally.
  2. Use erotic toys that have helped many men to solve their erectile dysfunction. Their task is to stimulate the prostate and muscles surrounding the base of the penis. How does this work for a man? Analogue balls significantly strengthen and prolong erections during intercourse with a woman. Does the woman not feel any discomfort then? Nothing could be further from the truth. Your partner will also see that her experiences are more intense and she feels the penetration itself as deeper and more pleasant. Another gadget especially for men is the erection ring, the use of which extends the erection by up to 20 minutes. How does it work? The ring is placed at the base of the penis and thanks to this gadget reduces blood flow from the penis. An additional advantage of such a ring is the fact that it can be equipped with a clitoral stimulator and vibrations, which increases the partner’s experience.
  3. Start exercising the Kegel muscles, which consist of tensioning the pelvic muscles (surrounding the vagina, urethra and rectum), but without tensioning the buttocks and abdominal muscles. Performed in a systematic and correct manner three times a day for a minimum of 5-10 minutes they can work miracles. It is recommended that one series of exercises should include at least 5 repetitions, 5-8 seconds of tension, 10 seconds of relaxation. Kegel muscle exercises are aimed at prolonging intercourse as well as improving ejaculation control.
  4. Stop all kinds of skirmishes, as they can weaken the erection in the loss of intercourse.
  5. Switch to a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and more physical activity, as they can help to reduce erection problems in the future. Remember to ensure that you have enough rest and sleep, as fatigue has an adverse effect on sexual activity.

What to do if a problem arises during an intercourse


Every man should be aware that three types of systems are responsible for erections, namely blood, nervous and hormonal. The role of the former is to bring an increased amount of blood to the penis, increasing its volume while stiffening it to allow for intercourse. When the erection gradually disappears, blood flows out of the penis, the nervous system controls the mechanism of action of the valves, preventing premature blood flow from the penis. The nervous system starts its work earlier, because it is the nervous system that receives the stimuli inducing sexual arousal and decides whether an erection will occur at all. However, we must be aware that the hormone system plays the most important role here. It is the hormone system that influences the amount of testosterone produced, whose significant drop in blood causes erection disorders.

If our advice is not helpful, you should contact a specialist, as the cause of the erectile dysfunction may be somewhere deeper. Detailed diagnostics will show that atherosclerotic lesions, neurological diseases or a decrease in blood androgen levels are responsible for problems with maintaining an erection. However, don’t worry about it, because medicine has developed strongly over the years, so that a satisfactory sexual life can be restored.

Don’t hesitate, just start today and enjoy the unique experience with your beloved partner!

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