Ginseng and the impact on potency

Ginseng and the impact on potency

Ginseng is a plant which originates from Asia but in Europe it has gained great recognition among consumers. It is no longer known from today that ginseng has strong health-promoting properties, the effects of which we are able to find throughout the body. However, here we will focus on Ginseng from the perspective of its aphrodisiac-like effect. It is therefore no wonder that Ginseng has found its application in the fight against weak libido. The ginsenoside substances contained in the ginseng root show similar effects to drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction. Products developed on the basis of ginseng are mainly used by men because it significantly improves potency, making the erotic experience much better.

Studies show that ginseng has many properties that have been recognised around the world. Among other things:

  • It has a positive effect on heart rate,
  • It lowers blood cholesterol levels,
  • It affects the increase in the HDL fraction of cholesterol (good cholesterol),
  • It has antithrombotic effects,
  • It reduces blood sugar levels,
  • It delays the ageing process,
  • It alleviates the symptoms of menopause and andropause,
  • It adds energy,
  • It improves the body’s immunity,
  • It improves memory and concentration,
  • It enables quick regeneration after physical activity,
  • It increases resistance to stress,
  • It strengthens resistance to infections,
  • It has an antipyretic, anti-convulsant and antipsychotic effect,
  • It stimulates the central nervous system,
  • It prevents the formation of gastric and duodenal ulcers
  • It eliminates damage to the body, especially to the liver, after excessive alcohol consumption,
  • It speeds up the healing of wounds.

There are several types of ginseng:

  • ginseng or omnibus
  • Korean ginseng or red
  • ginseng
  • Siberian ginseng

Ginseng and potency – action

There are many varieties of ginseng on the market, which can boast a positive effect on our body. However, it should be clearly stated that the Korean red variety should be chosen to fight against potency. Korean ginseng has an influence on the sexual experience of both men and women. Let us focus on men. The effect of ginseng is manifested by raising libido, as well as by the elimination of erectile dysfunction. All thanks to ginsenoside compounds, which increase the release of nitric oxide in the body, which supports the relaxation of blood vessels. Have you been wondering what this has to do with your penis? Well, it causes increased blood flow to your penis, which effectively eliminates the problem of erection disorders. At the same time, it cannot be overlooked that the effects of these compounds also have an impact on maintaining an erection and increasing sexual feelings. What is more, ginseng increases testosterone levels in men, and at the same time increases the number of sperm in semen and its mobility. It is even possible to find scientists’ claims that the use of Korean ginseng products can be a potential alternative to invasive erectile dysfunction treatment.

Ginseng and potency - action

Dosage of ginseng

Studies have shown that the regular adoption of measures on a ginseng basis ensures positive results. It is recommended that the daily dose of dried ginseng root should not exceed 0.5-2 mg, as this may lead to side effects. Ginseng based treatments should last up to two months, not longer. The best assimilability occurs in the morning, when it is recommended to take it. Increased dose than recommended may result in headaches, hypertension, diarrhoea and sleepiness, as well as skin changes, general bad mood and nervous hyperactivity. Worldwide research shows that the ginseng root is not carcinogenic and does not affect fertility.

Both in stationary and online sales we are able to purchase ginseng most often in the form of capsules or tablets. As a rule, in such situations the manufacturer recommends taking the capsule or tablets daily. Nevertheless, we have to remember that after three months of daily use of Ginseng you have to take a break of about 4 weeks, because the lack of it can lead to severe functional disorders of many organs.

Dosage of ginseng

When not to use ginseng

Although ginseng has many valuable properties, not everyone can use it. People with haemophilia or other blood clotting disorders should rather beware of it, as Ginseng has a strong anti-thrombotic effect. People with a tendency to hypoglycemia should not use it because it lowers sugar levels. What is more, we should beware of products containing ginseng in cases of symptoms of inflammation or fever. In addition, it is advisable to take ginseng products in the morning, because when taking them at night we must bear in mind the possibility of insomnia.

Various forms of ginseng

There are many forms of ginseng on the British market. As it occurs in the form of a root, it can be added to tea, used as an infusion, cold water-based syrup (e.g. with the addition of honey and lemon) or in an alcoholic tincture. Ginseng root can also be rubbed or chopped and added to various types of food. However, in the fight against potency, the best results are ensured by a properly prepared, elaborated and tested supplementation. It is the supplement that provides the best results in a surprisingly short time from the beginning of the treatment. Therefore, it is not surprising that ginseng in tablets is the most popular choice of consumers regardless of age. Check out the range of available ginseng tablets and capsules based on the Ginseng formula today and enjoy a unique sexual experience. You will surely be fully satisfied. Start fighting the potency today. Do not hesitate!

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